“Touching Brilliant Minds with Standards”

About Us

Our Mission:

 Glorious Hands Inc. is a 501 (c) (3) Girls Mentoring Academy providing empowerment opportunities to Girls, throughout our community. We ensure that all girls have the required support and resources, to earn their High School Diploma and be prepared for college and/or career. 

We are Visionaries!

 We strive to:

Raise the STANDARD

Set the STANDARD and 

Be the STANDARD for Girls. 

What does Glorious Hands mean?

Beautiful and Pow-HER-ful hands that inspire girls to reach their greatest potential!

The Glorious Hands Inc. Anthem

When I Walk….People Follow 

When I Speak….People Listen

When I Touch….Lives are Changed

You have just been Touched!

My Mind is Brilliant and My Standards are High!

I will continuously,

Touch Brilliant Minds with Glorious Hands!